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Daniel Peter
Daniel Peter thumbnail
Daniel Peter This track is true Four Tet, mixing a driving kickdrum with absolutely beautiful textures, loops, arpeggios and chopped-up samples, ending on a rather melancholic note. Also, uploading this track on earth overshoot day is solid genius - but well, this has come to be just another word for Four Tet, hasn't it?
Miff Morris
Miff Morris thumbnail
Miff Morris 'Planet' purposfully awakens the senses with its uplifting melody and rich textrues. There is most certainly plenty of soild groove in this beautiful track as well as an ethereal element which allows the spirit to float high. I absoutely love the magic of Four Tet. ~X~
gingersteve thumbnail
gingersteve Great track. A pulsating background coated in gorgeous plucked string melodies. Nice one.
Jaimie Larke
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Jaimie Larke Planet.. awesome tune thank you.


released August 1, 2017



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Four Tet London, UK

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