Anna Painting

by Four Tet

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Zlatty thumbnail
Zlatty This record is great for the soul! Favorite track: Anna Painting.
Senba thumbnail
Senba Kieran can do no wrong Favorite track: Anna Painting.
Olof thumbnail
Olof The title track resonates with my soul in ways I've never experienced before. Favorite track: Anna Painting.
Peter Burgess
Peter Burgess thumbnail
Peter Burgess Would have been pretty cool to see and hear the event live and in person. Great set of songs. Favorite track: Lahaina Noon.
Edward thumbnail
Edward Vibrant, emotive, colorful...words used to describe nearly every Four Tet release, including this project with Anna Liber Lewis. Two lifelong friends whose lives connected from the start and whose art now intersects. There is strong emotion, soul, and boldness to this music, one art form and life affecting the other. An in-person exclusive, like Alexandra Palace, now released to the masses. The history of friends and artists, shared with the world. Visually and sonically, the epitome beauty.
Robbie W
Robbie W thumbnail
Robbie W A pleasure to have experienced this music alongside the artwork in person. I was very keen to hear the tracks again...


released August 29, 2019

Written and produced by Kieran Hebden in 2018
Published by BMG


Paintings by Anna Liber Lewis

The music on this record was made in collaboration with painter Anna Liber Lewis. Anna and I have known each other almost all our lives. We grew up in London with overlapping social circles and shared early music experiences as teenagers. The collaboration unfolded over several months. We worked in tandem from conversation and correspondence. I made music and Anna responded to it with drawings and paintings, apart from the last track, which I made after having seen her work. It was performed and exhibited at a show called Muscle Memory at the Elephant West gallery in London in early 2019.

Kieran Hebden

Thanks to Rebecca Pelly-Fry and everyone at Elephant West.


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Four Tet London, UK

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